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Appeal allowed

Permission granted for 5 new dwelling in Mendip

We are delighted that Permission in Principle has just been granted at appeal for the erection of 5 new dwellings in Oldford, Frome. This followed refusal by Mendip District Council on the grounds that development of the site would affect the rural character of the area and that the site is not in a sustainable location.

Permission in Principle is a relatively new form of planning permission that approves the principle only. Such applications look only at: location, land use and amount of development. In this case, the permission is for up to 5 dwellings. All other matters are to be determined via a Technical Details Consent application.

The Inspector agreed with us that the site relates to the developed character of the existing neighbouring development, rather than to the open countryside, and that any visual impact can be managed at the design stage. He also agreed that future occupants would have easy access to public transport via a public footway to the north of the site and that it is possible to walk to and from Frome.

Permission in Principle is a useful approach to site such as this, particularly because the application fee is a fraction of that for outline or full planning permission. Our client can now proceed with confidence to design and build out this site.

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