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Approved: Replacement dwelling

Planning permission granted for new contemporary home in Dorset countryside

We are delighted to have secured consent for this stunning new dwelling in West Dorset. This scheme replaces an existing 3 bedroom bungalow with a larger two storey family home.

Although the one-for-one replacement of a single dwelling is usually supported, the scale of such replacements is often heavily restricted in West Dorset. Local Plan Policy HOU6 supports the replacement of dwellings in the countryside where: 'the new building is not significantly larger than the original and does not detract from the character and appearance of the locality or its landscape setting'. The supporting text expands on the limits of any increase: 'It is expected that replacement dwellings will be of a similar size to the original dwelling (within 10% by volume) unless it can be shown that a larger development results in a benefit to the character or appearance of the area.'

Our team planned the approach carefully and put together a thorough justification for a very significant increase in scale. The starting point was to set out what increases could be achieved under the provisions of the General Permitted Development Order 2015 (as amended).

Vital to the success of this proposal is the exceptionally high quality design. Raise Architects of Sherborne were instructed and have produced a really exceptional scheme. The result is a dwelling which, although large, will sit well in the landscape and which is entirely appropriate in this location. Such are the characteristics of the site and of the design that we were ultimately able to meet the requirements of Policy HOU6.

This is an ambitious project and required a team of specialist professionals working together to achieve permission and was definitely a team effort. We are very grateful to Raise Architects; Martin Wilde Consultancy; Abbas Ecology who are working to relocate the bats; and Hellis Solutions who undertook the necessary tree surveys.

If you are planning a similar project, we can help. Please call 01963 371180 or email

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