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Class Q success

Prior Approval granted to convert chicken sheds to 5 dwellings

Lydia Dunne is thrilled to have secured permission for the conversion of 2 poultry sheds to form 5 dwellings in Dorset. The scheme will provide 4 small dwellings of 100m2 and 1 large dwelling of 465m2.

We are grateful to Marton Bowden of Croft Surveyors for undertaking the Structural Survey to support the application and to Bartholomew Dulake for providing the plans. Most of all, though, we are grateful to the Local Planning Authority who have been great to work with.

Dorset Council are a new unitary council created in 2019. After a challenging start, the planning function is now working really well and we are seriously impressed. This project was very much a team effort and our team worked with the LPA right from the start to find a reuse of the site. At a time when so many LPAs are struggling, it is heartening to see a council functioning so effectively.

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