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Development potential

We'd all like to make improvements or increase the value or our property, but how do you know what might be possible?

Property remains the greatest investment you will make in your lifetime, yet many people buy without fully understanding the potential for improvement. Whether you have purchased a house with a large garden, a farm or a commercial property, there is likely to be some scope to increase value through renovation, new build or change of use. Possibilities include:

  • Single or two storey extensions

  • Garden buildings such as offices or garden rooms

  • Annexes or other ancillary accommodation

  • New dwellings

  • Barn conversions

  • Change of use from a commercial use to residential

Commissioning a Planning Appraisal is invaluable in identifying what the development potential of a property might be. A planning consultant can undertake such a study and will then be able to advise you as to what might be possible. Appraisals typically cost just a few hundred pounds and are worth every penny when so much is at stake.

Planning Appraisals are often undertaken pre-purchase - say before bidding for sites at auction - and are vital if you are considering buying property that you hoping to develop.

Make purchasing property less of a gamble!

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