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Do I need planning permission for a new extension?

So you are planning a new extension. Where do you start?

A good starting point is to find out whether planning permission is required as this is likely to be the most lengthy process and will inform the design of your extension.

Permission for many householder extensions is granted by The General Permitted Development Order 2019. This means that if your proposal is single storey, to the side or rear of your house and meets a number of other criteria, then permission may automatically granted by the order.

If you are planning a two storey extension or you are in a specially designated area such as an AONB or Conservation Area, then planning permission will usually be required.

Although the Permitted Development rules make planning for householder applications more straightforward in some ways, the system is still relatively complex and it is always worth checking whether your project requires permission with a professional.

Even if your planned extension does meet the criteria set out in the GPDO, given the investment involved, it may be wise to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate to confirm its lawfulness.

Whatever your project, we are always happy to advise and offer a free initial consolation.

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