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Log cabin annexe

Permission granted for new accommodation for applicant's father in Dorset

If you could use some extra space at home, you could think about a log cabin such as that pictured above. Perhaps you struggle to put people up comfortably when they come to stay; or could use somewhere to escape from your teenagers!

These cabins can provide residential annexes to allow extended families to live together. There are many personal reasons, these days, why families would like to live in closer proximity. Often, parents move in with their children to help with childcare for the grandchildren; or older parents may require more support whilst still wanting their own space.

Building an annexe can be costly and will require detailed planning permission, but a log cabin mobile home can be a simple and affordable option. Cabins which comply with the Caravan Act 1960 do not require planning permission if sited in a garden and occupied as ancillary accommodation.

We are delighted that a Lawful Development Certificate for a log cabin for a family in Dorset has just been granted. The cabin will provide a home for the homeowner's father who is now in his 80s. He doesn't want to move in with his daughter and her husband, but would like them to be on hand if he needs them.

We were able to prepare and submit the application fairly quickly and this can often be helpful as people sometimes need to move relatives quickly. The submission consisted of a very full justification (the planning case is not straightforward!) and plans. Now that the Certificate has been granted, the cabin can be installed and the applicant's father will be in in a matter of weeks.

This approach can be a really practical solution to provide additional residential accommodation. It can be quick, affordable and can be used where planning permission may not be granted.

Please call 01963 371180 or email for more information.

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