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Planning Appraisals

Knowledge is power!

Whether you are considering buying a property or plot of land or have already purchased the land you wish to develop, we would recommend that you start your project with an in-depth desktop appraisal. Researching a site should always be the first step.

A detailed investigation of the site history, relevant national and local planning policies, together with any special designations can be completed quite quickly and is a wise investment. A preliminary appraisal can help you to identify both the possible pitfalls and opportunities from the outset.

An initial Site Appraisal usually include the following, but may depend on the nature of the site and what you would like to achieve:

  • Site context and surroundings

  • Site history

  • Relevant planning policy

  • Principle of development

  • Material considerations

  • Constraints

  • Development potential

  • Likelihood of success

  • Strategy for project

  • Potential costs

This sort of assessment is particularly important if you are considering purchasing land or property at auction. A good Planning Appraisal can avoid expensive mistakes or may identify a great opportunity.

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