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Planning permission for shepherd huts

If you already own a shepherd hut, or are thinking of purchasing one, you may already know that for planning purposes a shepherd hut is a caravan, but what does that mean in practice?

As with a lot of planning issues, the situation is complex and for shepherd huts depends on a number of factors. The most important issues are: where is the hut and what is it used for?

Broadly speaking, shepherd hut proposals fall into 2 categories (not including use by a shepherd):

1. Stationing of a single shepherd hut within residential garden to provide overspill living accommodation. If the hut is used in conjunction with the main dwelling and does not provide separate accommodation, planning permission is not required. It is wise, however, to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate to confirm its lawfulness as not all Councils readily accept this. It is necessary to submit a comprehensive case setting out the correct legislation and the precise usage and specifications of the hut.

2. Stationing of a shepherd hut or huts on agricultural land to provide holiday accommodation. This type of proposal does require planning permission as it involves a change of use of land. Small glamping projects such as this will need to comply with national and local planning policies and material considerations will be considered.

It should be noted that the beauty of a shepherd hut stationed in your garden is that it does not require planning permission, nor does it come under Permitted Development. This means that it is possible to create a little more space in places where it might be difficult to achieve planning permission for outbuildings (with sleeping accommodation) such as in AONBs or Conservation Areas.

Whatever you circumstances or plans, be sure to apply for the proper permission or for a Lawful Development Certificate.

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