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Planning permission refused?

The majority of planning applications are approved, but if yours is refused, is that the end of the line?

Planning applications are refused for a variety of reasons. The reasons for refusal may be to do with the principle of the development, such as if the location is considered unsustainable or inappropriate. Or it may be to do with the design of the proposal or some other issue.

The Reason/s for Refusal will be set out in the Decision Notice and are explained in more detail in the Officer's Report.

It may be that this is the end of the road and that achieving permission for your project may not be possible, but it may be that you still have options. An experience Chartered Town Planner can advise you on the best course of action following a refusal. At Whiteacre Planning, we frequently prepare and submit appeals or revised applications following refusals saving our clients time, expense and worry.

Take the guesswork out of planning - professional help is always worth it!

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