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Purchasing property?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

These days the cost of buying a home or commercial or investment property is substantial. Given the high stakes, it is crucial to properly understand what the development potential of your potential purchase might be.

You may have grand plans for new extensions, annexes, changes of use or business expansions, but don't leave obtaining planning permission to chance!

In order to avoid an expensive mistake, for that sake of a few hundred pounds, it may be wise to commission a Planning Appraisal or Pre-Purchase Assessment. An experienced town planner can quickly assess the planning potential of a site and give you peace of mind and confidence to proceed - or not.

A Planning Appraisal looks at all aspects of a site including:

- Planning History

- Special designations

- Flood Zones

- Heritage protection

- Relevant National and Local planning policy

At Whiteacre Planning, we always try to help our clients understand the potential of their property so that they can make informed decisions. We offer a free initial consultation, so please just call or email to discuss your plans.

Tel: 01963 371180 Email:

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