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We offer a full range of planning services from initial advice to planning permission to appeals.



If you are planning to extend your home or undertake any other development within your curtilage, you may or may not need to obtain planning permission. 

We can advise you on whether planning permission is required, but even if it is not, it may be advisable to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate to confirm that planning permission is not required. 

Any application should be submitted with the following documents (as a minimum):

  • Application form

  • Location plan

  • Site plans

  • Floorplans and elevations

We offer a comprehensive service and can provide planning support and plans. 


Construction workers on work site

Not all projects require planning permission and we can help if you are not sure. Should your proposal require planning permission, you will need to submit a planning application. Some applications can be relatively straightforward, but negotiating the process can be challenging and we can prepare and submit your application on your behalf should you wish. 

A planning consultant can put together a strong case which complies with national and local planning policy and which takes material considerations into account and can significantly improve your chances of success.

Application types:

  • Outline or full planning permission

  • Lawful Development Certificates

  • Listed Building Consent

  • Change of Use

  • Prior Approval for barn conversion

  • Section 73 applications 

  • Discharge of Conditions



We also offer a number of other services such as preparation and submission of appeals; heritage statements; advice on Neighbourhood Planning; and preparation of planning drawings. If you have had an application refused, please contact us to discuss the next steps. An appeal is not always the best or only course of action and we may be able to help you to overcome the reasons for refusal.



Whether you are considering buying a property or plot of land or have already purchased the land you wish to develop, we would recommend that you start your project with an in-depth desktop appraisal. A detailed investigation of the site history, relevant national and local planning policies, together with any special designations can be completed quite quickly and is a wise investment. A preliminary appraisal can help you to identify both the possible pitfalls and opportunities from the outset.

Your initial appraisal would include the following:

  • Site context and surroundings

  • Site history

  • Relevant planning policy 

  • Principle of development

  • Material considerations

  • Constraints

  • Development potential

  • Likelihood of success

  • Strategy for project

  • Potential costs

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