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Consultancy fees and other costs

The nature and complexity of the services that we offer varies wildly, so it is very difficult to issue a price list. However we will always provide a detailed written fee estimate upon request following an initial enquiry.

Where possible we operate on a fixed fee basis in order to give clients more certainty. Where this is not possible the estimate will be calculated in line with our hourly rate up to a maximum number of hours. If it looks likely that any additional work is required, you would be contacted in writing before any further work is undertaken. 

Other costs include planning fees and other specialists' fees such as architects, ecologists or lawyers. Where the services of other specialists are required, we can obtain fee estimates and liaise. The client shall have full responsibility for the instruction of such services and payment of any fees, expenses or charges that are incurred.

To give you some idea of consultancy costs, the following prices are typical:

Planning appraisal - from £350

Householder application - from £600

Lawful Development Certificate - from £750

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