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What planning permission is required? We can help…

The planning system can be daunting and hard for the layman to understand, especially when it comes to seeking planning permission. Policy and legislation can be complicated and the system is constantly changing and evolving. A planning consultant can help you to navigate the system advising on feasibility and the best approach in the early stages and ultimately preparing, submitting and coordinating a planning application.


The planning system is complicated. There are many different types of planning application, which may be determined in a number of different ways. Planning can often become political and you may have to negotiate planning obligations, conditions, use specialist surveyors or lodge a planning appeal. 

Using a specialist planning consultant and engaging them early on in your project can increase your chances of success. They will almost certainly save you time and money too. 

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A planning consultant can undertake a feasibility study on a site in order to determine what the development potential might be. Should a project look viable, a consultant can advise on the scale and nature of the proposal and can even coordinate the specialist professionals needed to prepare a scheme. These might include architects, ecologists, engineers or surveyors.

We have a network of local professional service providers that we regularly work closely with.



It is important that the correct application is submitted and this can sometimes be strategic. It may sometimes be necessary to prepare and submit more than one application in order to achieve the desired outcome. For example, submitting a Lawful Development Certificate to establish an existing land use prior to an application for full planning permission.

A planning consultant has the experience and technical knowledge to steer a course through a challenging system and to overcome potential pitfalls.

Always use a consultant who is a chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute. 

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